Thursday, February 9, 2012

Possible Giveaway!

I am thinking of doing a giveaway I just need some input from those of you readings this.  It would be a current book – as I do not have the privilege of getting advance copies from publishers or authors. 

So anyway, if you are interested in me doing a giveaway please comment on this post with a book that you would want to win and I shall see what the majority of the named books are and go from there J

Feel free to add me on Twitter or facebook or over Google Friend Connect once you have commented below with your choice!

I cannot wait to hear what they are….   

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Reviews for three books well overdue


What a great read this book was.  It totally opened up my mind into thinking if Love was a disease that has actually not been prognoses in this world we live.

The setting is the future, a world based on selection and living in a world of haze as the lead character, Lena Haloway, would see it as. 

It is really hard to review this book as I would rather just say read it and you will not be disappointed.

My favorite part of this book is how they show the Lena’s character changing from the beginning of the book where she cannot wait for the cure to where she cannot wait to escape the cure if she can.

I have never read a book a close to this so I cannot recommend any reads that would be similar at the moment. 

I just cannot wait for the release of the second book to arrive at the end of this month.  It will be a must read as this one is.  I cannot wait to see how changed Lena has become from where we leave her at the end of this book.


This story was amazing to read and I could totally see it in my mind.  What would we all do if a super volcano exploded without any real warning? 

What would we do if our loved ones were in another state when this happened – would you risk your own life and go out and search for them without even knowing if they are alive?

Would you leave the comforts of your home and wait out the ashfall until you had no more food or comfort for that matter?

A lot of questions for a book I really did not expect to be such a really futurist reality that could be. 

My favorite part of this book is when the main characters reach a camp for the survivors of the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano and how the government reacts to such a situation that could really happen at any moment.  Would you put your trust in the government to help you out?  I know in certain situations in actual reality where the government has come threw with aid but in a situation we are not prepared for I doubt I would want to put my trust in the government… at least not in this reality.

This is again is a situation where I cannot think of another book that would opens your eyes into a future that could happen.    

May we continue to live in a world where this future does not happen – however if it does I hope we are more prepared for it than the characters and world in this book was.


Wow, just…. Wow.  I have not read the Hunger Games series as of yet but I imagine it to be exactly like this book.

Tris is part of a world of being selfless – even though its harder for her to act on then she realized. 

Tris lives in a world that when the time you reach the age of 16 you have to choose to either pick a new fraction to live in or continue in the fraction you were already born into. 

Tris is about to change her life so drastically that you cannot help but want to read more and see if the Tris you read at the beginning of the book will be the same Tris at the end. 

Although I have not read the Hunger Games I would suggest that book series to read that would be similar.  After seeing the commercials for the movie trailer for Hunger Games I would imagine it to be quite similar to this book.

My favorite part of this book is when Tris begins her new life in a different fraction.  I love how she becomes the person she may have already been at the beginning yet just hiding and waiting for the right moment to come out and release herself.

I cannot wait for the next book in this series.  I may have to re-read this book again just to tide me over until I have my hands on it. 

Now onto the next books….

PS - I have not been able to finish Girl of Fire and Thorns.  I do plan on going back to this book so please keep watch for my review in the near future….