Thursday, February 9, 2012

Possible Giveaway!

I am thinking of doing a giveaway I just need some input from those of you readings this.  It would be a current book – as I do not have the privilege of getting advance copies from publishers or authors. 

So anyway, if you are interested in me doing a giveaway please comment on this post with a book that you would want to win and I shall see what the majority of the named books are and go from there J

Feel free to add me on Twitter or facebook or over Google Friend Connect once you have commented below with your choice!

I cannot wait to hear what they are….   


  1. Hi Emelie. Just followed you on twitter and here! Nice to have a new friend. I noticed you mentioned not getting ARCs from authors. have you tried joining Goodreads. They have lots of reading programs and free books from authors requesting reviews and they are the nicest people. it is easy to sign up and free.
    laura thomas

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for following my blog! I am on goodreads but am not that great with figuring out where to join for these groups with authors I'd greatly review books from. If you could send me a link that would be great. Thanks again for following me!