Monday, November 18, 2013

Dangerous Depths!

Hello Everyone – I am back in business of doing one of the things I love in life – Reading!  It sure takes a bit longer to read when you have a 10 month old baby boy to care for who has nonstop energy and hates to nap but I did it! 

The first book I have been able to finish is the sequel to Tangled Tides called Dangerous Depths by the lovely Karen Amanda Hooper!  This book was an advanced copy read so if any of you are reading my blog and would love to read this book you will have to wait until November 20, 2013 to get your own copy, which luckily is only a two day wait from today!

Now if any one of you needs a refresher the review for Tangled Tides is around the bottom of my blog (posted date December 21, 2011).

Dangerous Depths leaves off perhaps a day or two from where Tangled Tides ended wherein Yara, who is trying to get used to her multi sea monster abilities/traits, and Treygan are in in blissful happiness after surviving the Triple Eighteen and are now able to travel to and from Rathe and see family and friends that have been trapped there for years.  Rownan however since the Triple Eighteen has discovered horrible news about his wife and only true love Vienna, that during all those years of being trapped in Rathe, she tried to find a new way to get to Rownan; a dangerous and horrible path that no one has ever been able to survive or find a way out of.  Rownan is determined to find her, dead or alive, and Yara and Treygan come to Rownan’s aid, against his wishes and take a journey that can leave their souls forever tormented, in pain and forever trapped in hell itself.

Most books I read have a tiny recap here and there in the first few chapters but this book I found lacked that and that is either a good thing, if you have just read the book before it, or a bad thing, if you have not read the book in a few years and have what I call these days “Mom Brain” wherein you have trouble remembering everything that occurred in the last book.  It is not the author’s fault, I know she really wanted to get the ball rolling and get us, the reader, fully engaged in the book, which I feel she truly managed to do.
There were a lot of moments I love, specifically between Yara and Treygan.  I loved the moment where he took her to a place in Rathe that he has been unable to take and share with anyone until Yara.  The surroundings proved to be a very romantic setting and it is too bad that a place like that doesn’t truly exist (or does it?).  However, I loved a part more than I think I should have which happen to take place in the depths of Harte between Yara and the Kraken.  I would love to go into detail about that however, as I like to give reviews that are mostly spoiler free, this one would be filled with spoilers.  If the author is reading this though, I sure hope this Kraken makes an appearance again in the future!

Now I cannot think of another book that I could recommend to read that would be similar to this one, as I have been unable to read as many books as I used to these days (all for a good cause though).  I am sure though that once I find something along the same lines as this book I will let you all know.

Dangerous Depths is a must read, filled with many magical adventures and gives the message that Love is Worth Everything and if you are child free I am sure you will find that you will not be able to put this book down and finish it much faster than I was able to! 


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