Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Iron Faeries

Well what have I managed to come across other than a creepy setting?  I would say a very good read.  The characters (Puck, Ash and Meghan) really jump out of the page for me.  Of course there are other characters but these main three characters are both lovable and hateful at the same time.  

We start with a plain, young highschool girl (Meghan) who cannot escape bullies.  Her best friend being the boy next door (Puck) enters her into a world unknown after her little brother is taken into the Nevernever.  Enter the evil (or is he?) Ash, Winter Faerie to Puck, the Summer Faerie.   Thus we have our lover's triangle.  

Next we have the unknowing Summer half-ling Faerie with lots of power but unsure of how to use it, a sidekick cat, and tons of bad guys made of Iron after the three main characters.

The real questions are who does she pick? How does her journey go and end?  Does she discover her power in the end?  Does she discover the real reason her brother is being held captive?

Only these questions can be answered when you read the book.  Well worth the price and time and it truly is a page turner until the very end.  

Now I am on to the next book in the series....

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