Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Iron Everywhere!

I finally finished The Iron Daughter and I must say the way the book ended, for me, reminded me of say a last book ending not one that hits in the middle of a series!

Our love triangle is still there in this book – who does she pick Puck or Ash?  While the Iron fae are out to do what they do best – be the bad guys and try to rule the realm.   This time around her brother is safe and sound (or is he) at home with her mom and step father and it's the NeverNever that is in need of saving. 

I must say my favorite part of the book was when the gang (plus and minus one person) end up in the between.  Finding the Exiled Queen and her… minions? was really interesting and to meet a few new characters along the way was really interesting.  Of course there is someone there we already know about but cannot quite place him. 

I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series The Iron Queen as the ending to this book totally shocked me. 

I would say this series almost reminds me of another series I would recommend which would be the Faeire Walker series (Glimmer Glass, Shadow Spell and The Siren Song all by Jenna Black). 

I really could not put this book down in my spare time and I am sure you will find The Iron Daughter to be as much a page turner as it was for me.

Now on to the next book….

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