Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mermaids, Selkies and Sirens Oh My!

Five stars for Tangled Tides!  What a page turner and exciting story.  I would call this the ‘Twilight of the sea’ what with the hot guy you cannot get close to because of what bad thing he can do to you…

The story is about a Yara, who just turns 18 years old and gets turned into a mermaid after a hurricane hits her town.  She discovers a whole new world beyond the human world and learns that she is the centre of it all.  Other than mermaids, selkies and sirens try to push her into choosing a side once and for all. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will say I am a mermaid fan all the way.  I enjoyed the scene where Yara is welcomed to the mermaid world and gifted with items and praises.  It made you really see into their world that they have had to create in the human world since their own world is cut off from all those who still live. 

A similar book to this that I can think of is Everblue by Brenda Pandos; a hidden world of mermaids try to survive in a world without being caught by humans meanwhile one merman falls for a human girl.  Another book I recommend is the Forgive my Fins series by Tara Childs; a mermaid princes trying to live a double life (as a human and mermaid) while trying not to fall for a human boy she doesn’t like.

Tangled Tides is full of adventure and point of views not normally seen in books these days where you can get a view into the thoughts of the main characters.  I seriously hope there is a second book in the making…

Now onto the The Girl of Fire and Thorns…  

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